Get Involved

Join a working group! That’s the best way to get involved. Email us if you want to learn more info about the chapter, learn about new member gatherings and member meetings, or if you might like to join a working group or help in another way!

  • BDS Working Group: Work on a campaign with the Durham2Palestine or Raleigh2Palestine Coalitions (read and sign the Raleigh petition). Boycott Divestment Sanctions (or BDS) campaigns stem directly from a call from those most impacted, Palestinians. They help energize the movement and exert pressure on people in power in the U.S. and the state of Israel. The local campaigns our chapter has engaged in (Durham Drop G4S and Demilitarize! Durham2Palestine) have connected these important symbolic victories with material changes in Durham. Point person for JVP: Gabriel.
  • Education Working Group: Jump into our 2022 spring/summer reading group! We bring a lot to the table in terms of our analyses of antisemitism (boo!), antizionism (yay!) (unlike the IHRA definition of antisemitism, we hold that these are distinct ideologies and practices), queer liberation (yay!), and antiracist solidarity (yay!).  We seek to continually educate ourselves and to support movement education. Help us learn and teach! Point people: CP and Keo.
  • Leadership Team: Help keep the chapter running by both tending to logistics and creating forums for setting organizational strategy and priorities! Elections for leadership terms are held at the November membership meeting.
  • Legislative Working Group: Perhaps the largest threat to Palestinians and Palestine is the $3.8 billion dollars of military aid alone (not including additional missile defense aid) contributed annually by the U.S. to the state of Israel. In North Carolina, our state legislature has passed multiple anti-BDS (see above) bills in direct contradiction to constitutional protections of free expression. Help us mobilize our base, leverage our BDS victories, and exert our power to encourage elected officials to make better choices. Point people: TBD.
  • Membership Working Group: Welcome folks into the chapter, learn how to connect newcomers and their skills with chapter needs, through such means as in person or, more recently, virtual dinner parties. Point people: Sandra and Marlo.
  • Ritual Working Group: Check out our holidays page to get a sense of what we’ve been up to and what we have brewing. This working group works to create accessible, meaningful ritual that acknowledges the harms rationalized by some aspects of Jewish tradition while celebrating and nourishing those elements that push us beyond zionism and empire. We seek to bring people into our community while providing spaces that acknowledge our whole selves as necessary and precious beings aside from what we produce or create, and also help sustain us through the fight. Point person: Ace.
Folks at one of our first in-person gatherings since the onset of the pandemic. [Image description: 16 people, mostly white, mostly Jewish, of varying ages from early 20s on up wearing masks and casually dressed (mostly layers) in the Eno River State Park. Background is green grass and leafy trees.]

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