Holiday Calendar

Upcoming in 5782

  • Lag b’Omer
    • 18 May 2022, 7-9 pm
  • Shavuot
    • 5 June 2022, 10 am- 3 pm

Our goal for the future is, in addition to continuing ritual at Rosh HashanahYom Kippur, Hanukkah, and Pesach, we add Sukkot and possibly Shavuot again.

Nurturing Judaism beyond empire: JVP Triangle gift bags for those attending Erev Rosh Hashanah. [Image attribution: Beth Bruch. Image description: Background: JVP Triangle goody bag with a sticker I (Beth) made featuring a watercolor tree, apple, and bee (also sky and grass) with ink line drawing over top; our chapter logo, the words above in a serif font and purple edges to match the logo. Foreground: amazing goody bag contents of a red & yellow and a green apple, adorable small plastic bear full of honey with a yellow top, and what was, before I ravaged it, a round delicious golden-brown sweet braided challah. These are on a white plate with fancy edges. The contents of the bags were created and compiled by the fabulous Emerson Goldstein.]

Past ritual events

Previously in 5782

  • Purim: 14 Adar II – Observed 20 March 2022 jointly with CJJ
  • Passover Seder: 15 – 22 Nisan
    • 17 April 2022; there was also a Toddler Passover event.
  • Hanukkah: 25 Kislev – 2 Tevet – Check out the zine accompanying our nightly offerings.
    • 28 November – 6 December 2021 (all 8 nights, first seven online at 6:30pm ET; note 12/5 is final evening, in person at 4:30, zoom at 5pm)
  • High Holidays
    • This year our chapter’s Erev Rosh Hashanah potluck was turned into a lovely outdoor gathering (thanks delta variant).
    • We held a zoom Shabbat Shuvah shacharit service with visitors from near and far and wrote an article for our dvar.
    • We held a gorgeous tashlich at the Eno River with time for private reflection along with some togetherness time, poetry, and singing.
    • Our chapter wrapped things up with a Yizkor service centered around kids and their needs followed by a Neilah service. It was wonderful to see both familiar and new faces in attendance.

Beautiful beings and beautiful river at tashlich. [Image attribution: Beth Bruch. Image description: Background: Green leafy trees with dark brown trunks against green grass covered and lighter brown lit and shaded ground. Midground: Light brown almost sepia toned Eno river with white, beige and grey rocks. A young person sits on a rock in profile, blond hair shining, wearing a white T-shirt and darker shorts. Her long caucasian legs are bent as her feet are submerged by water that flows white around them. A caucasian adult with short curly dark hair stands in profile, face turned gaze falling somewhere to the left of the camera. She wears a dark mask, dark T-shirt with a lighter design and greyish calf-length patterned leggings. Her feet are also in the water. Foreground: Submerged branches and rocks in clear focus below the bright honey-sepia toned water of the river.]

5781 and before

  • Shavuot observance and education: Occupation 101 with Professor Sarah Shields. Sarryn created an amazing poem for the occasion, “There’s no new water”, and brought first fruits to share.
  • Solidarity Shabbat for Palestine that earned local news coverage! Check out some photos. YM, Dana, and Rania Masri were three of the many speakers who slayed. We relocated  at the last minute due to a storm, and still had an impressive turnout, a testament to the resonance of this event.
  • Shabbat in the Streets in Chapel Hill.

    Shabbat in the Streets in Chapel Hill: Preparations. [Image attribution: Beth Bruch. Image description: 24 papers with names of Palestinians murdered by Israelis are arranged in Peace and Justice Plaza. Flowers adorn each page. A table is set up for shabbat with still unlit candles, grape juice, cups, napkins, hand sanitizer, and challah. A dark-haired woman in a red dress poses sassily with her hand on her hip. Another person stands holding a folder, while a third person sits at the foot of a flag pole, holding a blue folder. A sign leaning against the table reads Jews for Palestinian Liberation.]