Happy Hanukkah

We’re doing stuff every night at 6:00 pm Eastern. Reach out or check your email for a zoom link. Here is a link to the zine we put together.

JVP Triangle Hanukkah 5781 with stylized image of menorah

Consider donating to projects like Mutual Aid for Palestinians’ “Oxygen for Gaza” appeal in conjunction with the Jewish Voice for Peace Health Advisory Council for CPAP respirators and other support for Gaza.

Here are links to the dreidel games I (Beth) programmed. (They need to be played on a computer.):

Screeshot from the online dreidel game. A room with a Hanukkiah in a window, 4 dreidels displaying the Hebrew letters נ, ג, ה & ש. There is also a green dreidel separately that may be virtually spun during the game and several groups of coins with names and point values. There is a blue box declaring which player's turn is next.