JVP – Triangle Condemns FBI Intimidation of Muslim Voters

Jewish Voice for Peace – Triangle Chapter condemns the FBI’s recent actions, just before election day, apparently aimed at intimidating Muslim voters. According to the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) and the Washington Post, the FBI questioned American Muslim leaders of Pakistani and Afghani origins last weekend. These reports came from at least eight states, several of which are swing states, days before our presidential election. We know of at least one North Carolina leader who was targeted.

The FBI questioned these community leaders regarding potential relationships with people killed abroad in U.S. drone strikes, interrogating people solely based on their ethnicity without any material evidence. This type of harassment flies in the face of our nation’s purported values. We know that intimidation of Muslim people is not new; it has been government policy for years to profile, target, harass, intimidate, and even frame and murder Muslim people — this only promises to increase under a Trump administration.  Islamophobia is unacceptable coming from anyone–especially from our federal government.

Jewish Voice for Peace – Triangle Chapter demands that the FBI cease and desist from harassing Muslims. For those who have been targeted or fear that they may be in the future,  information about your rights is available here. Our thoughts and prayers are with the targeted families.