Resources for understanding current events in Palestine

JVP National send on the following resources for understanding what’s happening right now in Israel-Palestine:

  • Boycott National Committee statement
  • Al Haq statement
  • IMEU Factsheet on Al Aqsa/Temple Mount Misperceptions
  • JVP’s statement (from Sunday October 4, 2015)
  • Mouin Rabbani on Palestinians being the most isolated they’ve been since 1948 in the Guardian
  • Haaretz columnist Amira Hass writes: “Palestinians Are Fighting for Their Lives; Israel Is Fighting for the Occupation.”
  • Stories of terrorizing Palestinians that don’t make the news, by Samah Salaime in 972 Magazine, which has lots of other pieces of helpful reporting and analysis
  • Seven killed in Gaza, with video, in Mondoweiss.
  • JVP media coordinator Naomi Dann on the occupation and repression at the root of the current violence in the foreign policy blog Lobelog.
  • Ben Caspit in Al Monitor arguing that the real intifada is taking place among the Israeli right, as they agitate for more settlement construction and a new operation defensive shield.
  • FMEP interview with Daniel Siedemann about the context of repression in Jerusalem over the last year.
  • US Campaign’s Yousef Munayyer writing for CNN on what Palestinians really wanted Abbas to say in his speech last week.
  • Adam Horowitz in Mondoweiss on the scale of settler attacks.
  • Noam Sheizaf says Israel holds all the cards
  • Saeb Erekat  in Newsweek about decades of impunity.
  • AJ+ video about the occupation and the roots of the violence.